Test Automation for Functional Roles online course

Test Automation (TA) isn’t a technical exercise only executed by developers. No, it’s the result of a team effort in parallel to – and with – the implementation of the requirements. Any functional role involved in implementing requirements should be learning about their responsibilities in making TA a success. Pivotal in this is the creation and usage of a Test Plan (TP).

This concept has been part of my online course Test Automation for Microsoft D365 Business Central. But as this course is mainly targeting the technical parts it’s often too much for functional roles to attend it. On request I therefore now introduce a new online course called Test Automation for Functional Roles, that will focus only on those parts relevant for functional roles.

Although examples are taken from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central contexts, the goal of this course is application and platform independent.


Session 1 – The Basics – 2 hours

In this first, introductory session Luc will give an overview of what test automation is about. He will talk about what, why and when of test automation. A first step will be made into automating tests discussing the basic structure of a test, the design pattern that goes with it and how using this will make the coding part more efficient.

Session 2 – From Customer Wish to Test Automation / Planning Tests – 2 hours

The second session discusses how to plan your tests. It introduces the concept of the Test Plan (TP) that covers all the tests needed to verify the feature(s) implemented. It entails sunny path scenarios, but also rainy ones, aka as positive-negative tests. It depicts which scenarios should access your application through the UI, and which not, and why not. We will also have a look at how planning and designing test automation already starts in the requirements.

Session 3 – Test Plan workshop – 4 hours

As the British saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so this third and last session is a workshop in which you will work out a Test Plan for a feature of your own choice. Preferably one you are currently involved with. Luc will be your coach and will give detailed feedback on your TP in the days following the workshop part.

Target audience

The main target audience for this training are functional roles, mainly functional consultants, product owners, testers and key users. But as test automation is a team effort, as Luc will make clear during this training, it makes sense any role closely involved in getting requirements implemented and verified. So, this course will be a value to any of the following roles.

  • functional consultant
  • product owner
  • tester
  • key user
  • developer
  • product manager
  • project manager
  • development manager
  • support engineer


Luc will make use of parts of his book. It is highly advisable to get yourself a copy. If you did not acquire one yet you might want to get one here.

Costs, Schedule & Registration


Total price is € 445,- excl. VAT and excl. a copy of Luc’s book.


SessionDate Coming Course (fully booked)Date Next Course (registration open)
1Monday, 22nd of April 2024Wednesday, 8th of May 2024, 16:00-18:00 CEST
2Wednesday, 24th of April 2024Wednesday, 15th of May 2024, 16:00-18:00 CEST
3Friday, 26th of April 2024Wednesday, 22th of May 2024, 09:00-12:30 CEST


All seats have been taken. Might you be interested for a next run, please, let us know at info@fluxxus.nl.

Please, use the form below. Once you registered an invoice will be send to you. Once the invoice has been paid for you will receive invitations for all the sessions.

First registered, first to be served. Number of seats is limited to approx. 12-15 to allow for sufficient interactions during the sessions and support on exercises after.

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