Test Automation for Microsoft D365 Business Central online course

On request another run of my Test Automation for Microsoft D365 Business Central online course. As off 26th of June , 2023, in another series of six sessions (approx. 120 minutes) Luc will introduce you into the world of BC test automation.


Session 1 – The Basics

In this first, introductory session Luc will give an overview of what test automation in BC is about. He will show you the technology behind all this – the 5 pillars of the Testability Framework – and will talk about what, why and when of test automation. A first step will be made into automating tests discussing the basic structure of a test, the design pattern that goes with it and a simple method to get it coded.

Session 2 – From Customer Wish to Test Automation 1 / Using Test Design Patterns to Create Coded Tests

The second session will step deeper into designing and coding tests. We will discuss different ways of setting up your data, and the importance of verifying the outcome of your tests. We will also have a look at how planning and designing test automation already starts in the requirements.

Session 3 – From Customer Wish to Test Automation 2 / Planning and Validating Your Tests

The third session continues where the second session stopped: how to plan and design your tests. What tests are needed to verify the code under test. Sunny path scenarios, but also rainy ones, aka as positive-negative tests. In which cases to write tests that access your application through the UI, and what reasons there are not to do that and build so-called headless tests. Once you have planned, designed and coded them we will discuss what methods do you have at hand to validate them.

Session 4 – Red, Green, Refactor / From Specific to Generic using TDD Principles

In the fourth session Luc will discuss how the usage of Test-Drive Development (TDD) principles like the RedGreen-Refactor mantra and “Fake it till you make it” will help you to write your test code efficiently and effectively and generalize only when needed.

Session 5 – Integrating Test Automation in Daily Practice

The fifth session will elaborate on how to get “this” all working in your daily practice. What tools might help you? How to integrate with your daily build system? How to make use of the giant collection of automated tests that Microsoft delivers with the product?

Session 6 – On Writing Testable Code, Test Doubles and How to Test Incoming and Outgoing Calls

The last session will be dedicated to the concepts of testable code and test doubles, aka mocks, and how these can help us to easier test our code, but also write better structured code. Related to this testing of incoming and outgoing calls will be examined.


With each session homework exercises will be provided. The more you work on them the more you will master the subject. Luc will be available through different channels to support you in your endeavor.

Target audience

The main target audience for this training are AL developers, aka BC developers. But as test automation is a team effort, as Luc will make clear during this training, any role closely involved in getting requirements implemented and verified this course will be a value to any of the following roles.

  • developers
  • development managers
  • testers
  • functional consultants
  • power users


  • As the British saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating you will get the most out of this course if you go and practice the things discussed. For that make sure to have, preferably, a local Business Central installation at hand. Once your registration has been accepted, i.e. paid for, you will be provided with exact details on what is needed and how to get that set.
  • Luc will make heavily use of his book and expects you to have a copy. If you did not acquire one yet you might want to get one here.

Costs, Schedule & Registration


Total price is € 695,- excl. VAT and excl. a copy of Luc’s book.


      1Monday, 26th June, 2023    
      2Wednesday, 28th June, 2023  
      3Monday, 3rd July, 2023   
      4Wednesday, 5th July, 2023   
      5Friday, 7th July, 2023  
      6Monday, 10th July, 2023  
Time06.00 – 18:00 CEST (UTC+1)


Please, use the form below.

First registered, first to be served. Number of seats is limited to approx. 12-15 to allow for sufficient interactions during the sessions and support on exercises after. In case of over-registration a second series will be planned.

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