Addendum #01 – Scenario 0032 ‘Test that lookup value shows on standard Customer – List report’

Those who have already acquired my book and started to read might have discovered that there is a GitHub repo accompanying the book. They also might have seen that a number of out-scoped issues have been already listed. Issues I was going to handle after the book would be published. So, here I am with my first addendum to the book tackling the incorporation of the new report extension object introduced in 2021 wave 1, aka BC18. When I was working on this part of the book – i.e. Chapter 8, test example 8 – there was a bug in the AL Language extension which made me decide to not yet include the report extension in the book. Instead I out-scoped it and parked it here next to a handful of other issues. Now the book is published I will pick them up in the coming weeks and share them with you in a series of addendum posts.

What was missing?

This addendum is about a new scenario that addresses an additional customer wish, or ATDD scenario:

[FEATURE] LookupValue Report
[SCENARIO #0032] Test that lookup value shows on standard Customer – List report
[GIVEN] 2 customers with different lookup value
[WHEN] Run standard report Customer – List
[THEN] Report dataset contains both customers with lookup value

How was it fixed?

This introduces the following report extension object:

reportextension 50000 "CustomerListExt" extends "Customer - List"
    RDLCLayout = './reportlayouts/CustomerListDefault.rdl';

            column(Customer_Lookup_Value_Code; "Lookup Value Code")
                IncludeCaption = true;

And of course the implementation of the test scenario in a new test method. You can find the added code in the GitHub repo.


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