Born: Dutch Dynamics Community

While I was still fighting to get my reinstalled laptop doing what I wanted to, Mark took the lead in announcing our newborn dynamics community contribution: Dutch Dynamics Community. So now at the end of the day, though still fighting my laptop, it’s my time for some undouble dutch on this. [;)]

I am really thrilled about this as it feels like something so akin to me; a custom made suite; my grandmother’s tomato soup … Well, so much more comes to mind. [8-|] And I have to be honest, not in the least it fell into to place due to my counter parts in this: Arend-Jan Kauffmann and Mark Brummel. Thumps-up, guys!

For those who have been following my blogs, for those who have been attending my Solution Developer classes in the past, for those who have been my fellow team members in recent years this must be some kind of deja-vu. The suite that fits me so well. To  share, not reinvent the wheel, and dive into subjects.


Our initial focus will be close-to-home: that what we 3 have in common and where we feel there was a gap left since MS stopped organizing the so called Pizza Sessions years ago; i.e. the technical side of Dynamics NAV. (See also my LinkeIn thread Pizza-sessies voor NAV developers?.)  For the coming year we have in mind to organize 4 to 5 evenings with approx. 2 parallel technical sessions on Dynamics NAV, freely attend-able to all Dynamics pros. But we definitely want this to be a community, a platform the can serve the needs of those that want and can be part of it within the whole Dynamics domain, technical, functional, process oriented, user or implementator.

So we will start with our first session on October 26, 18:00h. With pizzas! And of course some good talks by Arend-Jan and Mark. read more on this on Mark’s blog. Want to subscribe to it? Send us a e-mail:


As the whole thing is in its take-off phase we are getting into gear regarding sponsoring. However, I would like to point out that the starting up of this new initiative would not have been possible without the sponsor promising of a couple of Dutch Dynamics partners who’s names (logos) will soon shine on our web site. And yes, … we are looking for more sponsors to make this a real joined and fruitful community.

To our Belgian Dynamics Community fellows: thanx for letting us use your logo. We decided to change the colours a bit. [;)]

Questions, Suggestions, Offerings, ….

… write us at! [I]

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