C/AL Testability Survey

Haven’t been at the NAV TechDays 2012? Or haven’t been able to fill out the C/AL Testability Survey conducted by the NAV Team?

Here’s a second change. Download it from here, fill it out and return it to me: lvanvugt@fluxxus.nl. As WORD doc, as scan (after printing and filling in using pen), or whatever.


The answers and feedback gathered using this Testability Survey may be used for the purpose of enhancing the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics software. You give to Microsoft, without charge, the right to use, share and commercialize your feedback in any way and for any purpose. You also give to third parties, without charge, any intellectual property rights needed for their products, technologies and services to use or interface with any specific parts of a Microsoft software or service that includes your feedback. You will not give feedback that is subject to a license that requires Microsoft to license its software or documentation to third parties because we include your feedback in them. We also may choose to not use your feedback for any purpose including commercialization of Microsoft software.

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