Extend Go To Definition with Navigation History

… and enable back and forth browsing.

I often find myself in the situation that I have been navigating through some C/AL code using the Go To Definition feature of which I recon each NAV developer is still very pleased with since the introduction of it in NAV 2009 R2. For sure I am still using it on a daily basis.

Now finding myself at the end of a “chain of Go To Definition actions” I would like to navigate back towards my starting point. Having navigated from one object to another this isn’t to difficult as this simple means closing each object that has been opened. But when this chain occurs in one object I have no way of easily doing this.

So I am longing for a navigation history that allows me to navigate in reverse order; even select from this history an individual intermediate stage, likewise with any internet browser; or Dynamics NAV. [H]

If you think this awesome please go to msconnect and vote for the suggestion I created there.

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