Finding NAV 2015 MSDN Help – Let’s Hope It Improves

For ages Help has been the laughingstock of NAV. Many where evading the creation of it, even more were mocking about the content. For various reasons.

With NAV 2009 MS has picked up this gauntlet in various ways: creating better and more valuable content, putting it online, providing us with easier to use tools, not in the least the help server that was released last year. Now with the release of NAV 2015 the next version of standard help has been put online. But it appears that it’s still showing up in search queries as dominant as it used to be for previous versions.

If you now do a search for NAV ShowMandory the msdn topic on ShowMandatory will only show as last entry on the first page (and guess what’s the top 3 shown?). But … it is improving. The search results were even worse some weeks ago.

Searching for NAV AccessByPermission will not even yield an msdn result! Not even on msdn itself.

Informing myself on this with one of my former MS colleagues I found I surely was not the only one experiencing this and that the issue has been escalated to the msdn team.

Let’s hope it improves the coming weeks.

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  1. Wow, it has improved!

    Searching for NAV AccessByPermission on msdn now yields the expected result!

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