First DDC Annual Event Has Passed – A Chronicle

Last Tuesday, on the verge of our one year anniversary, our MS sponsored first annual event took place. On this reasonably sunny afternoon 100 hundred Dynamics pros traveled from all over NL to Amsterdam. By car, by public transport and even, one of our sponsors, by bicycle. All over NL? Now I am lying is it was actually even more widespread than that. All over North-Western Europe, from Belgium, France, Germany, England and Denmark. Chapeau to you guys! You made our party even more worthwhile.

Getting There

With 130+ subscribers I wanted to be on time to conduct a proper registration and hand out our badges to all the attendees. Indeed wanted, and almost succeeded. During the sun-drenched ride I relaxed and mused upon the program Max Beuker (MSFT) had nicely setup for us. … Bram Veenhof on Cloud Computing and Windows Azure … … Freddy Kristiansen – alias FreddyK – on Cloud and NAV … … Paul Crawley on Zetadocss Express, integrating NAV and SharePoint Online. And yes, good to treat them with these bottles of … Bottles of …? Blimey! Totally forgotten to get these.

I’ll save you the rest, but I did get there with some nicely packed bottles. Not on time and fortunately not too late to do some registration and …

Getting Food and Updated

… got myself also a place and plate with some proper food; some good noodles!
One of the nice side effects of our events is the meet-greet-eat  hour we always have. Straight from work, often driving a fair distance and then be able to first sit down, enjoy a meal, l and talk with congenials and – for some -even friends.

Getting Inside and Informed

Unsurprisingly we probably could have sat there for hours, but fortunately our chairman Mark Brummel called upon us to get up and get inside the presentation room for the tightly packed program. After welcoming us and, not in the least, the presenters of this evenings program, the floor was given to Bram Veenhof (MSFT) who got the event airborne with his presentation on Cloud Computing and Windows Azure.

Good job, Bram. Talking to various attendees afterward I wasn’t the only one appreciating your contribution.

Where Bram did get us airborne, Freddy Kristiansen (MSFT) did get to high altitudes, Not bringing NAV to the Cloud, but, as he posed in his disclaimer, how to “… take advantage of the Cloud and Cloud based services today” He really flew high. Freddy really did. And most of us tried to stay close to him and liked where he did get us with his really neat end-2-end example on handling a service order between NAV and a Win 7 Phone app. Cool!

I have to confess I could not stay near enough as I wanted and probably I am not the only that should start practicing C# much more then I am doing today.

Getting a Drink (I)

Oops, not yet and Paul Crawley’s (Equisys) – almost – opening slide helped us to not let go of what was left of this evenings program. No seriously, Paul, did as good a job as his preceding presenters. He surely succeeded to rouse the enthusiasm of the more functional oriented pros among us.

Getting a Drink (II)

I must admit: this sounds a bit stupid. Of course it’s not the drink, but the talks that really make this last part of our event worthwhile. Professionally and personally. Just as with the meal up front.  And … As all-things-come -to-an-end we started out for home.

A big thanx to all who made this evening happen.

Getting the Slides

Interested in the details of the three presentation? Get the slide decks on the DDC site here.

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