How local is your local Microsoft Dynamics?

I still do not have my settings right to get informed on any changes on PartnerSource. Luckily, however, I am having a network that every now and then does the job for me. So what’s up, Doc? Have a look here. MS is asking us to give “feedback on the linguistic quality of your local product“. Not sure if I was one of the triggers to this (of course I would like to think I was [8-|]), but sure enough it’s a good opportunity to help MS understand how we think about this.

Call for Action

Should I say more? Of course I should: typically this survey is addressing the overall satisfaction and does not very well in nuances.

Thanx Peter. [B] Thanx Jan.[8]


  • I am not sure if also is possible to access this through CustomerSource. Any of you?
  • Still I cannot get used to the fact that MS considers localization a lingusitic matter (only).

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  1. @Modris, good to learn these things from other languages. My reference is NLD which resembles English a lot, so I am quite satisfied apart from the issues I reported lately and even then: it's not really the grammar that bothers me in these cases but the fact that I am getting code changes (and as such a lot of things to check) which actually are unneeded.

    @Arend-Jan, thanx for helping this lazy guy. 😉

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