How-to: Search a Field in Table Designer

Just one of these tricks that compensates some of the monolithic characteristics of C/SIDE. Only if you know!
Having been a C/SIDE trainer I was fortunate to meet a lot of NAV developers; I was fortunate to learn a lot from them and share it with others. Like this trick.

On any list form, be it the Customer List, Object Designer, or whatever, you can search for any value save the table designer. You simple cannot launch the Find feature. So it seems that in order to get to the right field you have to browse through the whole list of fields, from top to bottom. Not always an easy task, like on the Item table. So what else is there to it?

Let’s say we would like to get to the Next Counting Period field on the Item table and this is how we do it:

  1. Open the table in design mode
  2. Make sure you select the right column; in our case the Field Name column
  3. Select all lines/records using Ctrl+A or clicking in the upper left corner of the list
  4. Press N-key
    Now the system will select the first line (i.e. table field) with a field name starting with letter N; it will also deselect all lines
  5. Select all lines and press N-key again
    Eventually the system will not deselect the lines and you can continue pressing the N-key and in this way jump through all field records with a name starting with N.


This method applies to any column in the table designer.

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