Ever since our team moved to TFS, because of it’s source control system, we are heavily making use of the NAV 2009 SP1 C/SIDE features EXPORTOBJECTS and IMPORTOBJECTS. And even way before that I personally used it frequently. No need anymore for an external tool like Text Object Splitter, NAV Object Splitter, Dynamics NAV Object Text File Splitter, or what else that’s out there on the ‘market’. We can export and import C/SIDE objects straight out of NAV and having full control on how we want it.

How? Have a look at these reports:

What do we do with them? Well, we sync our development databases by importing the application objects (in .txt format) from our workspace using this batch job (REP77777) when we need an update of our objects (typically when we start working). And when the work is done we export them to the same workspace with another batch job (REP77778).

Feel free to use the reports for your own purposes. Of course if you have any addition and/or improvement to them I would be pleased if you would share them with me.


  1. They should be working again … Sorry for the inconvenience.

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