I guess it’s due to my length that I often run into spots where dust seems to collect without others noticing it. On top of cabinets, doors and paintings, in corners of window frames, etc. You could mock me and say: on everything I look down on. [8o|]

It might somehow apply to today’s clean up subject: the RECORDLEVELLOCKING record method. Did I only notice it’s still there with no use whatsoever? A fossil of those days we had to deal with both SQL Server and the NAV proprietary database.

A fossil indeed, so let’s put it in a museum and thus remove it from the development environment where it’s only collecting dust. Go ahead, Vedbeak.

For sure I am glad it was removed from the help and application code.


… somewhat confused about the numbering of the clean up as we seem to have jumped from #11 to #14? Here are #12 and #13 to be found:

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  1. Join the team, Gunnar. However, I did some cleaning on that one already: dynamicsuser.net/…/let-s-clean-up-nav-4-system-functions.aspx.

    And fully agree about Vedbaek.

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