Let’s clean up NAV #7 – Unused Pages

A welcome to Dynamics NAV veteran Marcel Duizendstraal, who joins the Clean Team! [8-|]


It seems there are many unnecessary pages still left in NAV2015, stemming from the good old transformation time.

  • 7172 Sales Lines Subform
  • 7173 Shipment Lines Subform
  • 7174 Invoice Lines Subform
  • 7175 Credit Memo Lines Subform
  • 7176 Return Rcpt Lines Subform
  • 7182 Purchase Lines Subform
  • 7183 Receipt Lines Subform
  • 7184 Return Shipment Lines Subform
  • 7185 Purch. Invoice Lines Subform
  • 7186 Purch. Cr. Memo Lines Subform
  • 7187 Purch. Order Archived Subform
  • 7188 Sales Order Archived Subform

‘Vedbaek, go ahead. Clean it out!’

One Comment

  1. Both valid input.

    When posting this entry that were two of my thoughts:

    * is anybody using them?

    * are there even more (OMA says so)?

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