Live is simple if you know how – C&P chapter 3

It must have been somewhere in 2006 that we started testing the Role Tailored Client (RTC) and I must confess it was very hard to love RTC. But they said it was going to be a great product and it was my job at MS to test. So I simply needed a way to learn to love it. “Always look at the bright side of life, pal“, I said to myself. “Look at the RTC features not available on the Classic Client.” Here is one.

At that time our team was mainly relying on manual testing based on written test cases. An eternally recurring part of writing test cases was defining the path where the test executer needed to open or activate a NAV object like a page, a report, etc. Something like this:

Open the Chart of Accounts from Departments > Financial Management > General Ledger > Chart of Accounts (under Lists)

A tedious and slightly boring task so anything that would help me do this more efficient would make my life even brighter. [:P]

Having read my two preceding chapters and gotten this far in this chapter you probably will exclaim: “C&P!” Yes, indeed. The Explorer address bar was one of the things that helped me start loving the RTC. Having activated the Chart of Accounts like instructed above I can simply copy the path and paste it to my test case. In this way the above instruction would become: 

Open the Chart of Accounts from CRONUS International Ltd./Departments/Financial Management/General Ledger

And not only this made my life easier writing the test case, it also made it easier for the executer. Simply copying the path from the test instruction and paste it into the RTC address bar would directly bring her to the right page. HOORAY! I love RTC!

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