Merry Xmas to you all

Christmas Eve and I am late, probably too late to effectively wish you all a merry Xmas. I guess, contrary to last year, the climatological circumstances did not bring me in the mood to write you all, way before this instance. Have a look how today showed itself to us over here in Warnsveld, Netherlands. Blue sky, sun lit and a moderate temperature. Not really what we, in Western Europe, imagine Xmas to be.

Nevertheless, two weeks off, two weeks to get some administration done, write some blog posts, go out skiing in the French Alps (hope the snow will show itself out there), and of course play Ticket-to-Ride (you might recall this one), but Sinterklaas did bring us a new challenge: Smallworld. Indeed a challenge to get the manual read, I thought it was only for software people could write complex manuals for easy tasks. [:P] The game, however, is promising.

So … merry Xmas, “… wherever you are, whatever you believe, whomever you love. Merry and bright. ..”

BTW: one reading tip: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

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