Modified Flag in R2 – Another Anomaly?

Preparing ourselves for our presentation on this evenings DDC event, Arend-Jan Kauffmann pointed me to his msconnect entry on the Modified flag. Until today I wasn’t in the situation to experience myself. So just now I did some test and … I am glad I did already gave my vote to it.

Try the following on R2

  1. Create a new codeunit (or any other object)
  2. Save it


  3. Have a look at the Object Designer


  4. Now save the code unit again (maybe you have to reopen it in design mode again)

It’s even more bizarre as Guido Robben notes on Arend-Jan’s msconnect entry

  1. Export the codeunit in .fob format (with Modified = Yes)
  2. Delete the codeunit in Object Designer
  3. Now re-import the codeunit.
  4. Oops:


Call for Action

Although it’s actually an ordinary bug Arend-Jan has reported it on msconnect, this gives us all the possibility to all view it and vote for it. So go there and vote for it. This definitely needs to be fixed.

Thanx AJ! [B]


  1. Hi Jack,

    Great and thanx for sharing this.

    b rg


  2. I was informed that: β€œThe modified flag issue mentioned with R2 has … been resolved with hotfix 244786”

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