MS Changelog and Code Markers #2

For those who are already are roaming around in AL code of local versions of NAV 2013 my blog post MS Changelog and Code Markers can be somewhat usefully. Why? Well you might have noticed that in each localized object of NAV 2013 the documentation trigger is populated with an xml changelog. And that various change markers are to be found in-code locating code for local purposed and even outcommenting standard w1 code.

In previous versions of NAV we would only stumble over this in the documentation trigger of codeunit 1, but, as said, with NAV 2013 RTM this is to be found in each localized object. As part of the build process these logs and markers used to be removed from the code, but apparently this hasn’t happened for NAV 2013 RTM. [:S]

MS, what has happened?


  • Changelogs and code markers were never cleared from Swiss (CH) localization


  1. For those with me who like to get this cleaned again in the future: I have reported it in msconnect where you can give your vote:…/nav-2013-remove-local-changelogs-and-code-markers

  2. Thanx, Natalie.

    The link did not work OK for me straight away. Had to use InPrivate Browing in IE to get it working.

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