MS Dynamics vs. MS Classic – A Never Ending Story?

You might recall my post Dynamics and DevDays – will they ever meet?

Yesterday, I found the September issue of .Net Magazine in my snail-mail in-box featuring a SharePoint special with 4 pages on the integration of SharePoint (a offspring of the MS Classic stack) and Dynamics. Wow, Dynamics and Classic are meeting in public! [^]

To be honest, i am not a SharePoint expert and cannot value the full extend of that article, but it seems promising to me. Cannot recall I read something on Dynamics in .Net Magazine. Could also be my colored perception. [H]

While thinking about writing this post I thought: Let’s have a look on the Internet version of the magazine: But to my dismay no articles are there, and guess what? This one was also not there.

May I live (at least) until the day that MS Dynamics and MS Classic will meet. Or should I stop hoping? [*-)]

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