NAV 2015 Glance 3: ShowMandatory Property

You might have noticed that now, with GA (General Availability) communicated by Microsoft, as mushrooms blog posts and tweets are popping up addressing the new things NAV 2015 will bring to us. Look for example @MVPKine, Mohana, @masaccio1401 and waldo. And myself. [H]

As MVP’s we have been involved in the road that led to NAV 2015 so we have been seeing (some of these) things in an earlier stage, gotten enthusiastic about them – or maybe not -, but we’re tighten by NDA and had to hold back from shouting out loud. Clearly the NDA has been lifted and off we went. To be the first to shout, to be able to inform you about what is there (or will be there very soon). I guess there is no plan behind about whom is going to shout what. So each of us will probably find himself writing something – having been gloating on it already for some time – seeing the other getting away with it. [;)]

This happened to me with this specific topic. Clearly Mohana outpaced me on the ShowMandatory property. Sh..t.. I mean, congrats, Mohana, But fortunately he left a crumb for me to pick up. Yep, even though I am getting close to 52 I still value crumbs. [:D] Surely if the are essential, like IMHO in the case of the ShowMandatory property.

Complementary to ShowMandatory setting the NotBlank property to Yes on a primary key (PK) field will mark the field with a red asterisk on the UI.

Now setting the ShowMandatory to FALSE in the PK field control on the page will not override the behavior of the NotBlank property that was set to TRUE.


… the value of show ShowMandatory can be set to true, false, or using an expression.

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  1. Hi Kishor,

    As Mohana describes on his post the "ShowMandatory property can be used to mark all page fields, but does not enforce any validation of the field". As such only an astrix is shown. Nothing more and nothing less.

    b rg


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