NAV TechDays 2011

I’ll be there! I certainly will. Probably I was one of the first to subscribe as I knew I had to be there! If you would ask me why, I know a lot of things would run through my mind. And a lot of not-so-obvious things, I can tell you. Of course the obvious would be those that many of us share:

  • the agenda, which is surely worthwhile
  • the people attending and I will probably run into – not the least to take into account [{]
  • the fact I wasn’t there last time – and what they say that this 2nd Dutch NAV MVP would dare to stay home? [;)]

 So what are these not-so-obvious things you might wonder. In random order:

  • Antwerp! It’s history as such. City of Peter Paul RubensHubert Lampo, … The city we crossed going to my grandparents in Flemish-Zealand (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) cobble-shaking in our VW Beetle, diving underneath the Schelde. Ages before the highway E19/E34 would be in place. The zoo.
  • 29 & 30 September. Autumn. Just a couple of days before my birthday. 8 out 10 times nice weather.
  • Luc van Dyck, o sorry one of those differences between Dutch and Flemish: Luc Van Dyck. Where would we have been without him, without mibuso? I heard the rumor going round that he does organize this event all by himself. Thumbs-up, Luc.
  • And what about Luc as such? [H]

I’ll be there! CU next week.

BTW: The conference is sold out. Only tickets for the reception can be purchased.

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