NAV2013 Beta to RTM – Some Striking Code Changes #3: Unused Variables

Click on the image to get a full view that’s readable.

After more than 10 years working with NAV it’s a bit hard to tell what I like about NAV so much, as this might be polluted by the sheer fact that I am too intertwined with it that I do not know any better. But still, I think (!) I am quite sure that one of these things is (part of) the structure of CSIDE. (Or now with NAV 2013 should I say DE?)

A structure where fields, code, variables are separated “by” different windows. At the same I know this is also a shortcoming as for each of these you need to open that separate window and cannot arrange them side by side – easily or not at all.

What about getting an overview on variables? Local AND globals! Or overseeing all globals in, for example, codeunit 12 (Gen. Jnl.-Post Line)? Quite some challenges with the (still) current structure of CSIDE.

And then,how to get insight in which variables are still in-use and which not? No way to do that! Fortunately there are some 3rd party tools to help you with this like the freely available Unused Variables Tool on mibuso by Eduard Sanosian or commercially available Object Manager by IDYN.

Anyway, I had to think about this all when comparing NAV 2013 Beta and NAV 2013 RTM, seeing that quite some variables, that where apparently unused, having been cleaned out of NAV standard. Like for example the three global variables in COD333 in the screen shot above.


So far I hadn’t found a simple way to gather some statistics about how many unused variables have been cleaned out and how many objects were involved in this. True: I was too lazy to keep record manually myself. [8-|]

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