NAV2013 Glance 8: Chart Title

Worked with charts already in NAV 2009 RDLC reports? Tried to set the title of a chart? You might have and think: “so what?”

Have a look here. To help you (or actually myself [:O] ) I did put that red rectangle down. Nothing special?

Well, didn’t it bother you that there is no expression button there? I had expected something like this (my mock up) and first thought: Am I missing the point here? I can feed any control with an expression and they have not provided me this possibility on the chart title?

Thus allowing me to set the chart title with an expression based on my dataset that then would include a field containing a caption value populated from NAV in the language applicable. But … it’s not possible. I only can hard code the title value in this dialog. Ouch, this hurts a developer’s heart …

… but no longer with NAV 2013. See the expression button?


  • This issue also applies to the title of the X Axis and Y Axis in NAV 2009.
  • As my NAV 2013 installation didn’t have a Visual Studio report designer installed I tried clausl’s suggestion for a free designer. Indeed it worked out well, although it took me quite some due to the restarts (as clausl already warned: it will require several restarts of the computer, so if you are doing this on the customers setup, you might want to plan this), but also the installation of Visual Studio 2010 SP1.

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  1. Glad this can be shared with others. 🙂

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