NAV2013 Glance 9: Some Objects Statistics

Investigating the upgrade to NAV 2013 for one of our add-ons I started this morning an exploratory code compare of NAV 2009 R2 NL with NAV 2013 (beta) NL objects. Of course I first had to export all the NAV 2013 objects having one .txt file per object. And surely this struck my eyes the most:

3.911 objects (2013) against 5.721 (2009 R2)

Due to all the removed Forms (1.783) and Dataports (6!) and some more because of various feature changes (Dimensions!).

Altogether only a fifth of all objects were not touched:

566 objects have not changed

Surely some have been added likewise for Cost Accounting, Cash Flow and Assembly Management:

453 objects were created anew

So all the other objects have been changed one way or another (I’ll address some of that in following posts):

2892 objects have been changed


This is for the NL version. However, this gives a good indication for w1 as NL localization is very restricted.

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