Posting Queue – Part 2

As I wrote last week in part 1 “…I thought I might spend a blog post (or two) and go into details including some sample coding (see Part 2)” and thereby putting myself in debt. So here I am with part 2. [:O]

Since last week I had spent some time reviewing and revising the code samples I wanted to present here. However, when trying to get the whole thing work, using the Job Queue, I stumbled – big luck – across some forum posts that referred to a very useful blog by martinni. Many thanx to (a.o.) DaveT and Nuno Maia [Y] even if you two are not aware of this. No need for me to upload any code to the internet as it’s already there. Let’s reuse what’s there!


So have a look here where the setup of the Job Queue is explained. Or actually in the (linked) usage example that shows how to implement a posting queue almost identical to the one I had thought of to show you here.

Why …

.. Microsoft has never included this neat and lean feature in standard NAV, making it available to all our customers, is still a riddle to me. [*-)]

With some additional coding it could be implemented on both Sales and Purchase side including all documents. And even be optional through some setup parameter. Seems to me a quick win.

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