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As I am preparing some RTC demos I had been roaming around on Partner Source for some good ideas and had a look at the demo scripts. I down loaded various of them including some PowerPoint presentations like the Introduction to NAV 2009 PPT. The link says it’s a .pptx file, but once down loaded it shows as DemoScriptIntroductionPPT.zip. Opening this .zip file I found myself looking at a whole bunch of files:

So what to do with that? [*-)]

As I recalled it was not the first time I ran into this issue so I logged an incident on it and within 24 hours I did get the .pptx file! And this morning I even received a second one through another MS channel. The latter also explained what I could have done myself:

You can simply rename the file extension that you downloaded on Partner Source (from .ZIP to .PPTX) and you will be able to open it with Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

I had tried a similar thing, but on the some of the files in the .zip file, not the .zip file itself.

As said before: a child can do the laundry! [H]


Probably this applies to many more files on both Partner and Customer Source. I wonder why MS does not use the .pptx extension for these files or writes some kind of instruction for the user that she knows. Or am I the only blond guy? [8-|]


I have never dived into PowerPoint file formats, but seeing this should I consider a .pptx file being indeed some kind of .zip file?


  1. So my gut feeling was right. Thanx Valentin for this confirmation (and also the extension to other 'office' formats).

  2. Arend-Jan: of course also thanx! Your comment was not published yet when I was reading Valentin's comment.

  3. Well, start learning more of these Dutchisms: http://www.facebook.com/Dutchisms.Stick out tongue

  4. No problem. They all can join me on Xmas! Beer Beer Drinks

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