Read and Help – "How We Use MSDN Feedback to Improve Help"

Yesterday, Jill Frank, Senior Programming Writer for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, posted a blog on msdn How We Use MSDN Feedback to Improve Help. I would really want to encourage you to read it and pick the gauntlet she is throwing at us. As MS Dynamics GDL team member I was there when the NAV UA group started to redefine their goals and processes and I know they we really into improving their work. One of the outcomes has been the release on MSDN of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer and IT Pro Documentation. I have been happy with that as soon as I knew about it. You might have noticed. [:P]

The UA group is really fast in giving feedback on what they will/can do with your input.

BTW: I would like to extend Jill’s appeal also to the NAV Online Help. Ever noticed the documentation feedback link at the bottom of every topic? Use it for every anomaly you observe in a topic!

Yes, the purple color betrays I am using it, really. [:)]


  1. Apparently the link 'under' "How We Use MSDN Feedback to Improve Help" was not working, so I have updated it. Apology for the inconvenience. 😉

  2. You might have noticed that with NAV 2013 next to the technical help on MSDN, MS also released the Application Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 on MSDN.

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