Russian Invasion?

I guess now little over a week after returning from my summer vacation I am settled down in the normal mode again. “Work and get paid?”, you’re thinking. [8-|] 

Well, yes, you’re right, but that’s not what I meant. Just simply getting back on writing a new blog item. Start thinking about it wasn’t hard as during my absence my blog apparently got bombarded by a significant load of Russian comments. To be frank: I just treated them as spam as I unfortunately am not equipped with any understanding of Russian whatsoever.You know the load wasn’t that abnormal, however that these all were in Russian (or at least that’s what I think they were) was new.

Nevertheless these comments did not trigger me to write this post. It was actually today’s statistics of my blog. Have a look.

Since my last post on Wed, Jul 14 2010 the number of hits had settled down to, say, about 70 hits a day with a bit lower numbers on the weekends. Busy as usual. But see what happened today! I hadn’t written a new post and all of a sudden … BANG … “sky high”. [8-)]

No Russian comments I can tell you. I could not even trace any hits on any of my posts today … [^o)]

Any of you bloggers experienced the same?


  1. I wouldn't have expected any lower number Mark. 😛

  2. Thanx for letting know.

    The funny thing, however, with yesterday's increase is that I cannot see any details of these hits.

    BTW: did you also include Mark's (or Marq) blog?

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