SQL Server 2008 Express #4: Management Studio

Whether or not you think SQL Server Express is worthwhile as a production database server (see some discussion on my first post on SQL Server Express) it will get installed on one of your systems when you install NAV when there resides no “regular” SQL Server installation (yet) on it. A trivial case might be the installation of NAV 2013 Beta on a virtual machine as in my own case.

Now one major drawback of a SQL Server Express installation is that it comes without SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). So no tool to help you doing some administrative work on your SQL Server. Just now I was needing it on my NAV 2013 Beta installation to help make a backup of the demo database and though I knew that there is a separate installation package available for SSMS I took me some time to find the right place to get is from. Now to help me get it faster the next time I now writing this blog post just for myself. Well, if needed you can also profit from it. [I]

Download SMSS for SQL Server 2008 Express from here (both X84 and X64)

Download SMSS for SQL Server 2008 R2 Express:


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