The Anomaly of the XMLport Request Page

The user interface of the XMLport has always been somewhat of a black swan. On the classic platform it was absent and you had to work around it yourself. With the emerge of the windows client (RTC) we did get a request page as one of the incentives for us to start adopting the 3-tier technology. And of course, with NAV 2013, the XMLport became the lawful heir of the deprecated Dataport. Nevertheless, it remains a black swan as the request page does not meet some of the standard features we know from pages and report request pages, as I only found out a couple of weeks ago. Talking about a black swan. [8-|]

Did you notice that the About This Page feature is lacking on the XMLport request page?

And what about that Copy Link to XMLport action on the ribbon?

Why has this been implemented different from the same on the report request page and page objects? Just for completeness have a look at the objects:

I wouldn’t call this a consistent UX.

OK, the Link to … does what it should do even though UX-wise it’s not consistent, but the lacking About this Page is something different. I have no means to identify the ID of the XMLport  and use that in a bug report …

Of course I created a msconnect entry here to ask for more consistency (or at least get an About This Page feature for the XMLport).

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