The Association of Dynamics Professionals – Certification Exam Question Submission

Next to the various roles I have been “playing” since I entered the Dynamics world in 1999 a major one is my involvement in the education of my professional fellow (wo)men and of course, and not in the least, myself. As the products keep on evolving there is a never ending need for all of us to get and let ourselves (be) educated. In whatever format, on whatever time. Classroom setup, e-learning, how-to videos, trial & error … any style or format that fits you best. As many people there are, as many leaning styles there exist. What ever you might tell yourself and others: we cannot do without training. If you think you don’t need it, I would tend to think you’re not telling the full story. Sure, you might not need others to train yourself, just DIY. But still then, you most probably will be using some kind of resources others created. Manuals, YouTube videos, code examples, presentation slides, etc. The more we move ahead in time, the better we can find a resource that supports best our need to be educated.

Almost simultaneously with the release of NAV 2015 Microsoft announced that they would no longer continue the certification program for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP. And as a consequence the classroom training material was also discontinued. Like lightning many of us were struck by this sudden decision, and even though I could fully understand the reasoning behind this, I thought and still am thinking that Microsoft did throw the baby out with the bathwater. Yes, the budgets have been reallocated and we’re getting very useful how-to videos, but these are not a full replacement for a classroom training where the group of trainer and students are more than the sum of the individuals.

Nevertheless, as one of the world biggest soccer player ever, Johan Cruyff, says: every disadvantage has its advantage. The void Microsoft has left, triggers others to fill it up. And one of these “others” is the Association of Dynamics Professionals that is picking now up the gauntlet of resurrecting the certification program for Dynamics GP and NAV. And you know,one of the nice things about it is that we can all be part of it. We all are invited to be item writers. Have a look here, at the Certification Exam Question Submission Instructions and Information.

Some more about the AoDP …

It’s a first step, What else will happen in this void?

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