The Word layout document is malformed – Misleading Message #2

I guess this error message can make sense for sure, but not with what I was doing today.

I mean, working with the new document reporting feature in NAV 2015, this perfectly would made sense importing a Word layout, that has just been updated, but in such a way that is ended up to be malformed.

But this wasn’t what I was doing. At least that’s what I thought and also proved to be so.

What did I do to get here?

From C/SIDE I had exported the Word layout of REP1306. Opened it in Word and pimped it nicely, just to get some feeling of it. Saved the Word document. Returned to C/SIDE and imported it again. And … ran into this message. [^o)]

Long story short: I indeed had saved the Word layout, but had not closed the file. I.e. the file was still open in Word.

Document malformed?

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