Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #10

Now, on the Northern hemisphere, the meteorological summer is left behind, autumn will soon be falling on us. And with it these wonderfully colored leaves. However summer seems somehow lingering on and the only things that whirl upon me are various blogs. New or somewhat older. Today this came down with some useful information on NAV 2015 that I have immediately added to the NAV 2015 Blog Landing Page. The site looks nice and fresh (for weeks I have been wondering how to find time to get mine redone) and content wise looks very promising even though – being honest – I find some of the info is redundant as these have been addressed by others already. But 'Crow' don't let this stop you. No, don't. And be welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere!

And just to set some expectations: in many cultures crow is considered to be the carrier of wisdom. (And now deliberately leave other connotations out [H])

O, also read Crowfield's posts on Power BI.

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