Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #12

While performing a C/SIDE development training – like I am doing right now at Housing in Ljubljana, Slovenia – I am always searching the internet for articles. To provide my students with articles that complement the standard resources and training material. But often, and not in the least, as an answer to the never drying out source of questions students seem to draw from.

Doing so, I often run into the same resources: the still improving help of NAV, NAV Team blog, mibuso, dynamicsuser, fellow MVP blogs, etc. But every now and then I am taken by surprise, like this early morning. Browsing around regarding dimensions, I stumbled over this post: NAV Dimensions – The Theory by Gemma Warren. She made me smile. Thanx, Gemma.

Until this morning, you were totally unknown to me even though your blog has been around somewhat over a year already. Maybe because I am primarily a technical guy and you a functional … girl. Only God knows, I guess. Nevertheless, it's surely worthwhile reading.

So: Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere!

But before I stop …

  • Haven't written a post since October … Did your source dry out?
  • I am not claiming I am the most creative guy, but your blog header and theme … aren't for sure (sorry to say so)


  1. Gemma, you're welcome. And yes, a new baby, that's a very good, and not in the least joyful, reason.

    Accepted 😉

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