Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #5 – Gary Winter

So how should I introduce this guy to you? I had never heard of Gary untill almost 2 years ago when the PRS initiative introduced itself on the NAV Techdays in Antwerp. The small and clear voiced guy next two those two lowlands "Giants", Eric and Mark. Had never come across any posts, at least that I could recall. And could not find a blog written by Gary, which felt like something missing as it was really worthwhile hearing him talk and give voice to his ideas; expressing his insights that clearly appeared to be based on experience.

And now he has emerged in the Dynamcis blog-o-sphere! So go out there and read what Gary has to share with us. Welcome, Gary. Glad you joined in.

@Gary: can't help thinking of you being the Ringo Star of the PRS Fab Four, now Vjeko has also joined in on the PRS initiative. Are there more similarities between you and Ringo apart from you being the smallest and Hamburg? [H]

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