Why is MS asking me to help improve PartnerSource/CustomerSource? – Part 2 of <undefined>

… I was wondering in January when being asked by the Usability Sciences stalker. Wow, it seems ages ago that I wrote that post. Ages! And what has happened in between on this topic? I am afraid I have to simply answer with: NOTHING. Or should I be more diplomatic and say “not much”?

Maybe it’s my limited perception, though I dare to challenge that, as I am clearly not they only one. I am at least in this together with Erik. At least that’s how I read his (updated) blog post Microsoft PartnerSource NAV Favorites. Being at the NAV TechDays the same topic emerged during one of the talks I was part of. The vein wasn’t much different.

And what about the fact that MS itself is advertising how to us Bing to find a Dynamics KB article, while Bing is still not integrated into PartnerSource/CustomerSource. Probably there is some project dedicated to improving PartnerSource/CustomerSource of which we do not know of. I surely hope there is, because I am getting more and more irritated by this altmodisch, but nevertheless very important, resource.

MS, do not let us wait any longer!

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  1. Interesting to read Sebastian's comment on my intial post on this subject: dynamicsuser.net/…/why-is-ms-asking-me-to-help-improve-partnersource.aspx (on Monday, December 05, 2011 4:48 PM).

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