Why is MS asking me to help improve PartnerSource/CustomerSource?

When was your last time facing this screen?

Mine was last week. And then I took the screen shot and decided to write a blog on it. Or actually, I had even decided on that way-before as this “feedback” screen keeps on appearing every now and then. Even those days-after every time I dutifully did “help”.

I guess I can cope with that Usability Sciences stalker. I can cope with the fact that for every search I do on PartnerSource I have to relearn how to find what I am looking for. Fortunately I am using it daily. Also fortunately for my colleagues who often refer to me when they have to use PartnerSource.

So when I give feedback I can positively answer all questions as I do find what I am looking for; and, yes, I am using it frequently; and, yes, it makes sense to use it; and, …. And PartnerSource stays as it was.

I have no proof, but it seems to me PartnerSource hasn’t changed since it started as PartnerGuide. Probably it has, but not much. At least is doesn’t make me happy. [+o(]

It’s all so inefficient, counter-intuitive, so opposite to the user experience of MS product. [N]

Create a Support Request

Just a small example. Ever created a support request? If you select Support > New Support Request you get to a screen with this section:

So I push the blue (NAV) button. And on the next page I will push this button:

Which lead me to the start of my new support request.

I select the company and click next.

Didn’t I select NAV already? [^o)]


Am I wrong assuming that all I am writing about PartnerSource also applies to CustomerSource?

Update 2011-01-30

Want to share your experiences, judgements and suggestions: write them below, MS seems interested; they contacted me on this!

Update 2011-06-16

The above example still hasn’t been improved. [:(]

Update 2011-10-11

The above example still hasn’t been improved. [:(]

MS seemed interested though. [:'(]

Update 2012-10-14

More than 1 year passed and still the above example hasn’t been improved. [:(]

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