49 = SQUARE(7)

In many of my blog posts I tend to link the topic somehow to my everyday live, thus unveiling myself to you. Mostly unconsciously, but, admittedly, sometimes also intentionally. I like to be marveled and, in the end, be defied. Live is one big adventure. Gross, tempting, bewildering, radiant and, all-in-all, me; me and you and all that comes with that. A long and winding road (tou-tooo .. tou-tooo) with big bears, sunlit orchids, and everything in between and … far beyond. And with age I have learned that both sides of the coin really make up that one coin; undivided, fully committed, unconditional. With age I have found peace with the two major forces inside myself that one way or another do not seem to go along easily. Loving to be marveled and at the same time wanting to be in full control. Living with riddles, unsolvable, and planning software development with known outcome. Teaching adolescents and installing NAV servers. Being a teacher and coach, and wanting to be on my own.

“Is this going to be some kind of testimonial?”, you might think. Uhhh, yep. I just turned 49. 7 X 7. The holiest of all ages. I am not a numerologist. But numbers are a part of my life. 7 for me, my brothers and sisters. 4 for my birthday. And what about number series like 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, … or 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, …

OK, I turned 49. I succeeded to become MVP, got involved with the DDC, survived having been made redundant at MS, attended the NAV TechDays 2011 (they were great! and BTDTGTTS), and partly did let go of my contract at Imtech; less traveling, opening up …


New Challenges

Indeed. I am now reflecting on what new experiences I am going to get into. Considering what I would like to pick up in my next 7 years phase. Coaching developers? Teaching NAV pros or even (again) adolescents? Helping partners out on Online Help or Team Foundation Server? Enough things to get involved with for sure. Enough to make this next phase worthwhile. Hope to cross your long and winding road.


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