Andy Jordan – Quality, Not Testing

Today I was reading an interesting internet article by Andy Jordan called Quality, Not Testing. Not in the least because of the comments added to it.

As Jordan writes, quality and testing "are … very closely tied together" and as such, I would say, we tend to use them synonymous to each other. But they are clearly not, is Jordan's plea. Needless to say I fully agree with him. You can argue about the details of his article (see the comments!), but the basic thread is right in the bulls eye and gives us the opportunity to evaluate the way most of IT projects tend to position quality and testing. In most cases unconsciously.

Want to read more on this theme?

Have a look at this blog post of mine … [:O]

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  1. Just read the article by Andy Jordan. 😉

    One give-away: "Testing really is nothing more than determining whether the quality standard has been achieved."

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