How-to: Add Freeze Pane

Last week I attended an internal event where during one of the break-out sessions my younger colleague Andreas Zippel did a very good presentation on RTC arousing quite some enthusiasm in the group. Worthwhile mentioning is that he only recently started working on RTC!

Already working with RTC for a couple of years I was also touched by it all, not in the least due to the fact that I even learned something new. I have to confess I was quite surprised I hadn’t noticed this feature before. Especially seeing today that it was already announced on some of the NAV 2009 pre-release presentation (see for example Marq’s and Waldo’s blog). Why write about it as it is already known? Just the simple fact that probably there are more shortsighted like I apparently am. [:$]


Yes. I have been customizing a lot op pages over time and never ever had noticed it was there. Just have a look at this picture:

See the encircled button? Just push it and a freeze pane marker will be inserted after the selected column name in the right list:

Now clicking OK will effectuate the feature and now I can (horizontally) scroll through the customer list while the No. column stays fixed!

As we say over here: a child can do the laundry. [:O]

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  1. Hi Thomas!

    Good to know. Thanx.

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