BaIS #2: Building a Database

So I started a sequel with so far only one post … and some papers with notes still lying about. A day off at home. Sun shining. Spring sparkling. Reading David van Reybrouck’s humongous book on Congo. And now some time in between to sit down and write. Let’s go.

BaIS #2: Building a Database

Having our code stored in .txt format in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) this puts us up with a number of challenges when building a database (called a build) from scratch.

  1. Updating a database with .txt code objects forces you to compile the objects before you can use them
    • so we have consider how to deal with all those objects that relate to various external components (COM, Automation); either make sure these components are registered on the machine you are building on or (if available) import the code objects in compiled state (i.e. in .fob format)
  2. Importing .txt code objects not yet residing in the database can only be achieved when having appropriate insert rights in your (development) license
    • by default we partners do not have insert rights for standard NAV objects
      so these should already be (in compiled state) in the database
    • they however can be replaced by our .txt code objects as long as these containing only changes that are allowed within our development license
    • one exception: MenuSuites cannot be replaced by an import of the .txt version of it

 Creating a build is thus

  • always started with a standard NAV database for whatever country you will be building it for, containing all standard NAV objects for that country
  • replacing only these standard NAV objects that have been touched by your solution
  • adding all objects new to your solution (i.e. numbered according within the number range specific to your solution)

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