Some time ago I was happily surprised by a colleague sending me this link: Thanx, Marius.

I recall myself thinking “sobersmarties .. tech?” OK ,the performance-testing-dynamics-nav-middle part at least made sense and, of course, clicking on a link is not so much of an effort.

And there I was, sitting in front of a full blown article on the performance of NAV based on SS’s own findings. Indeed, as SS writes as his last line: “it did take me some time to put this blog post together”. Man, it sometimes takes me half a day to write a one pager! Big respect for you effort, not in the least because of the fact that it makes real sense.[Y]

And there are some more topics to be found there. Please, do not stop here but go and read them.

Before I end this post, one confession to be made to you, SoberSmarties: I am glad I am using the RSS feed as the feed messages are much better to be read. Indeed the layout of your blog site looks very special, but I am sorry to say, it does not make reading an easy thing. At least not to me. [8-|]


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