Call for Response on a Workshop NAV Online Help for CfMD

Recently I have been contacted by a number of Dutch partners to help them out on the creation of Online Help for their add-on in the context of CfMD-ing the add-on. Having a longtime experience with Online Help and recently with CfMD I surely will pick up this request. But instead of doing this on a one-by-one basis, helping each partner individually, I have suggested them to combine forces and get together in a 1 or 2 days hands-on workshop, reducing their cost and at the mean time taking advantage of the presence of multiple people/partners, where each can learn from the other’s specifics. If needed attention can also be giving to other (technical) aspects of the CfMD process.

Call for Response

So here I am to call upon any other Dynamics NAV partner in need of such a workshop to join in. If interested write a comment below or send me a mail at

Note …

… that I can both target Dutch and partners from other countries. For sure I will be organizing a workshop in the Netherlands for Dutch partners, but also can do this for others. In the Netherlands or outside.

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