Christmas Eve: A Joyful and Merry Xmas 2014

It’s fun reading old posts like last year’s on Christmas Eve. Could just copy it here and let it be. However life would be utmost boring if everything would be exactly the same, but I know it would also be unbearable if everything would be totally different.

So I cherish Chrismas Eve, get the tree set and once again prepare our Kerststol. Patiently waiting for the dough to rise, meanwhile cutting wood that will heat up our oven, allowing us this evening to bake pizza’s and the Stol. Allowing me to have a somewhat slower pace, still recovering from the fever I was fallen victim to last week. Long time since I had been ill. Apart from a chainsaw cut, hockey bruises and hitting a sideboard corner. [:(]

A slower pace bringing about a mood of retrospect. Looking back on a fruitful year that brought me to new places. Enjoying that typically British humor with Mike, John, Sarah, Paul, Andy, Luke, Adam and Funghai during a couple of courses in Lane End, UK. Having a somewhat more quiet but still very intense week with Marko, Tadej, Dejan, Alan, Rado and Rok learning me about Slovenia, a place I had never been before. Really worthwhile.

Talking to and with many more people at Directions, San Diego, US, and Directions EMEA, Poznan, Poland. Including a whole bunch of ex-colleagues (Swabian or Microsoft) that I hadn’t seen and spoken to for almost 2,5 years. And of course running into various of my MVP fellows which is worthwhile every time again.

Thanx to all of you that I was crossing ‘roads’ with last year. As simple or complex as it can be, it makes life what it is: worth living.

Merry Christmas …

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