Directions US 2014: NAV 2015 General Availability

Today in the keynote at Directions 2014 in San Diego, Microsoft officially announced the general availability (GA) date of NAV 2015. For new customers on 1st of October, and for existing customers on 6th of October. A rough outline of this new release has been communicated to the market at WPC of which my fellow NAV MVP has written a resume on his blog in July.

But today not only GA was announced, we were also shown a demo of the various details during this keynote. In addition the various topics have been (or will be in the next 2 days) presented in depth during 35 sessions and workshops by 40 MSFTE.

Based on the three pillars of NAV 2015 (being Quick to Implement, Easy to Use and Power to Support) Marko Perisic, director of Program Management (MS) and at team of 4 program managers, walked us through these three pillars showing the new and fast way of upgrading both code and data (Quick to Implement), the new tablet client, User Experience enhancements being expressive tiles (cues) and simplified pages, document reporting using Word and more Office 365 integration (Easy to Use) and finally a redesigned and extended Cash Management (bank data conversion service, payment export and reconciliation) and integration with Microsoft Social Listening (Power to Support).

And various figures flew around: a 30% faster Web Client with 4 x less bandwidth; 75 % less merge issue with te data upgrading (merge) utilities; 35 % more customers adds in FY14; passing the 1000.000 customers in FY14 MS has set the goal of another 100.000 in the next 5 years; the tablet client will be available for the three major tablet OSs and free for download from these store: App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

More details on NAV 2015 will follow in follow up post, on the next Dutch Dynamics Community NAV event and on Directions EMEA 2014.

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