Error in Version List #2 on MS Connect

The version list issue I reported you on yesterday kept on lingering in my mind today thinking this should be fixed by MS and can easily be fixed!

I wrote that …

… we had various discussion between our GDL team and the build team that any localization of the TIF data should be reflected in the version list of the page. To no avail.

The main reason that it was to no avail had to do with the fact that …

… the value of the version list of these pages is directly copied form the associated form, which does only contain the w1 part and no local part …

…, no version info was registered in the TIF data, and pages were created on the fly during the build of a NAV database; i.e.  pages were not stored in the NAV’s team source control system. Now with the dawning of NAV 7 and the end of the Forms era this whole process has become superfluous and the version list of pages can now be maintained alone.

As I deem this an improvement for development I have posted this as a suggestion on MS Connect.

Call for Action

Do you, like me, want this improvement go to my suggestion on MS Connect and vote on it! [}]


  1. 7 votes in favor! Thanx for those who spoke out.

  2. And … 2 more, makes … 11!

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