To all of my readers: a Merry Xmas

I guess it will be as white as not many of us around here in NL can remember. Enough snow to take my youngest son out sleigh riding. Enough snow to silence down humdrum noise. Enough snow to go outside and be marveled about the beauty in (almost) black and white. Or to sit inside at the fire and pick-up the stamp collection I started to pick up again – after 30 years! Or maybe write some more posts that have been hanging in-the-air for sometime. Or should I just stay in bed and read that one book I still didn’t get to finish? Play Ticket-to-Ride with my family. We’re real fanatics, at least we were last year, so let’s see if we will get into the same flow.

Curious what you all well be doing the coming days. Whatever it will be: I hope it will be merry and bright. Wherever you are, whatever you believe, whomever you love. Merry and bright, I say.

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