Getting Started with Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Development – Alex Chow

Being Dutch getting the opportunity to get a free copy, I willingly volunteered to Albert Augustine’s call for reviewers on LinkedIn. And with me – note mostly none Dutch! – 20+ also did.

That’s one.

Need I have more reasons? [H]

Well actually, yes. There are many books I would like to read; or should I say: of which I would like to get to learn the content; i.e. the message. But then the challenge of setting priorities and finding time to do it comes around. Then getting a free copy and in return writing a review gives me some more direction.

Makes two.

No, let me be honest. These two probably triggered me for sure. Nevertheless, the ultimate one is the author of this book, Alex Chow. I believe he’s my senior as Dynamics NAV MVP. And only since I became an MVP myself I come across his name every now and then. During MVP online meetings, on the forums, reading his blog. However, we never met live; at least not that I am aware of. Now getting this call, seemed a good opportunity to somehow get to learn more about Alex and meanwhile possibly picking up up some useful tips and tricks.

Now with the (1) free copy and (2) somehow resetting priorities and finding time, this made three. So I better deal with this banana

Writing Style

… but time passed by much faster than I hoped. Darn. [Excusez-le mot.] Still managed to read the first two chapters so far and will continue this afternoon on this shiny Father’s Day.

Then why bother to start writing, Luc?

To be the first; at least I hope.

Sucks. Give me a better reason?

Do I need one? … Sorry, just thinking out loud. OK, here it comes: I really loved reading these two chapters. For sure because of the writing style of Alex. It’s fun reading. Feels like sitting next to him, while he’s giving you useful and valuable tips on how to get NAV installed (Chapter 1) and how to get started with it (Chapter 2). feels reading more, .. and more. And that’s what I am going to now.

And that’s all for now? [:^)]

Yes, I am sorry. Since I started reading I feel the urge to go and sit down and continue reading, so let me stop here for now and do that. Will return hopefully soon, having been able to finish the book.

OK, one more for the road.

About the content: as Alex describes it himself: It’s a book that teaches new users, whether end user or beginner, on how to create an application in Dynamics NAV 2013 based off of a real project that I’ve done in the past. These 2 chapters indeed live up to this.

Now don’t wait before I finish reading the book, go out there and get a copy and start reading it yourself. Dare to say that it will be worthwhile.

[to be continued]

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