Getting Started with … – Alex Chow’s Book / ctn’d

[See the first part of my review here.]

I guess Arend-Jan and I are going to play some kind of ping-pong over this. I should have been finished way before his post this afternoon! Continued reading last Sunday I did finish the book last Monday already. Nevertheless I am happy that Arend-Jan stepped in today as I fully agree with his first observation on Alex’ book:

… this book intends [to] give the user an insight of the world developers are in .. [which] makes the book unique.

Indeed for the price of this book, including the tips on how to install it “… for (almost) free”, it’s a efficient and fun-to-do way of getting to know NAV and have insight in the NAV developer’s world. Next to that I typically would advice any starting developer and consultant, be it technical or functional, to pick up this book and run through it, performing every step Alex points out.

  • from chapter 1 on how to get NAV running on your machine
  • exploring the windows client and development environment in chapter 2
  • roaming around the application in chapter 3, getting a first understanding of NAV
  • investigating the fits and gaps NAV with respect to your business (chapter 4)
  • through chaper 5, finding features in standard NAV to be used as examples for the gap to be filled
  • then building the basic objects like tables (chapter 6), pages and reports (chapter 7) and wrapping-up in chapter 8 implementing some addtional features using code
  • down to chapter 9 diving into “… a lot more functionality out of the box than the basic order processing and accounting functions”

Well done, Alex.

But next to all this halleluja some criticism: wanna learn something about NAV reporting, even be it basics, buy another book.

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