How-to: Chat with an Operations Professional

Just one selfish note to make my live easier next time I need to chat with an Operations Professional.

You might recall this naggy blog post of mine, written almost 2 years ago. As you can read in my personal comment I am happy I did write that post as it enabled me last June to easily do the same “trick”. Today however I found out it did not help me very much in effectively start a chat with an Operations Professional. So here I put my steps list of how to get “straight” to that. So there’s for sure one guy who’s happy with this post. [;)]

  1. Open PartnerSource
  2. Select “Ordering and Operations” –
  3. Select “Access Operations Support” –
  4. Select “Start a Chat Conversation” (under “Chat with Microsoft”) –
  5. Select “Chat Now with an Operations Professional”
    I believe this options is only showing when a operations professional is available.

Simple, but it took me quite some while before I got it figured out again. It surely wasn’t the first time I had to do this. [:(]

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  1. For the fourth time I am enjoying the fact that I did post this item. Just look up this post, click the last link and I can start a chat. 🙂

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