Why is MS asking me to help improve PartnerSource/CustomerSource? – Part 3 of <undefined>

Naggy me again. [8-|]

Today I am working on the registration of a new add-on module. So I need to set the End User List Price. First time ever, for me. Never to old to learn. As a comment on the “Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Add-On Module Request Form” says:

To calculate the base currency, please locate the pricing multiplier on your local Dynamics NAV pricelist …

Let’s not disturb my colleagues and see if I can get around on the Internet. OK, where to go first? Of course: PartnerSource. After entering my Live ID and choosing the right company (yes, I am listed for 3 different “companies”), I populate the search box with the string “Dynamics NAV pricelist” and press enter resulting in a list of results that seem to make sense. I click on the third result link saying:

Notice of Licensing and Pricing Changes to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Opening this page …

… and simultaneously popping up an alert:


Yasseah, I am asked again to give feedback. Don’t let this chance slip away, dude! Clicking Yes I am wondering whether or not a survey will start, because many times before it halted somewhere. But no need to fear question 1 opens up for me which I willingly answer:

Being fearless right now I click Next Question:

Ouch, once again my prejudice has been met: many times the PartnerSource surveys die somewhere on the run. And no way to get rid of the this screen, but close the internet browser. [:(]

Why is MS asking me to help improve PartnerSource/CustomerSource if I cannot complete a survey?


  1. @Marq: you couldn't be almost more off-topic, but still very meaningful. Please elaborate on your own question as I have been "head-down" too long probably.

    @Erik: were brothers in arms on this!

  2. Marq replied to me (the translation is mine as it was in Dutch):

    the story is that each add-on is to be sold a minimum of 4 per year. You will get billed by MSFT for these 4, even if you sell nothing. This is an ultimate attempt by MSFT to force partners to use each others add-ons in stead of inventing the wheel themselves.

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